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At Malumgra Electrical Services Ltd, we carry out a number of testing and inspections on the electrical aspects throughout the properties of South East and South West London

Our team are all fully qualified, NICEIC approved electricians and all have extensive experience in all aspects of electrical inspections and testings. This allows us to assist all customers with their requirements, as well as ensuring all services carried out by our team are done with maximum safety and professionalism throughout.

The aim of all electrical inspections and testings is to ensure all electrical aspects running throughout a property are maintained in a safe, correct working condition. Therefore, our electrical inspection and testing services are a great way of preserving the condition and life of your electrics whilst also keeping the property and those within it in a safe position at all times.

We offer a range of electrical inspections and testings to our customers, assisting commercial businesses with their routine PAT testings, landlords with their EICR certificates and all properties in the area with their fault-finding inspections.

Portable Appliance Testings (PAT) are commonly carried out on business premises to ensure all of the essential electrical appliances the business relies on to run smoothly, are kept in a safe condition. At Malumgra Electrical Services Ltd, we emphasise the importance of undergoing these routine PAT testings with a professional team like ourselves. This will ensure all testings have been completed correctly and the results are reliable.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) inspections are commonly carried out on landlord owned properties due to being a legal requirement every 5 years or change of tenancy. However, although EICR inspections are not deemed mandatory for businesses, as business owners are responsible for the safety of their employees, EICR inspections are also commonly carried out on business premises. EICR inspections include a thorough inspection of all electrical features, looking for signs of wear and tear on all electrical aspects. The aim of these inspections is to maintain a safe, electrical hazard-free environment for the safety of the tenants living within rented properties, or for the safety of employees, staff, visitors, customers and others within the business premises. Once the inspections have been carried out, and we are happy that all electrics are fully adherent to the required safety regulations, we will produce a clear pass certificate to state this.

Malumgra Electrical Services

Fault-finding inspections are essential for property owners who are experiencing signs of a potential issue with their electrics. The most commons signs to suggest you require a fault-finding inspection, are:

  • Flickering or dim lighting
  • Sparking outlets
  • Smoke from outlets
  • Sparking sockets
  • Frequent circuit tripping
  • Frequent fuse blows
  • Buzzing noise coming from lights
  • Buzzing noise coming from outlets
  • And more.

During all fault finding inspections, our team will carry out a thorough inspection of the workings of all electrical aspects running throughout the property, inspecting the condition of the circuit, appliances, wiring and more, to detect and locate the issue at hand. This will allow us to conjure the repair work required to get the electrics back to a safe, working condition again, efficiently. We strongly advise those experiencing any of the signs mentioned above to seek professional assistance as soon as possible as faults left unresolved could escalate further, leading to damaged appliances, devices or in the worst case, could even be the cause of an electrical fire.

As professional electricians, we do everything by the book. This means, for the duration of your inspection or testing service, all health and safety regulations wil be adhered to, keeping your property and those within it in a safe position throughout.

To discuss your electrical inspection or testing requirements further with a member of our team at Malumgra Electrical Services Ltd, give us a call today on 07388694610 where we can answer any queries you may have, offer you a no-obligation quote for the service in hand, and arrange a call out date to carry out the job.

Malumgra Electrical Services

What do our customers say?

Mario was incredibly professional and courteous throughout this process, from quote to completion. His work was excellent and very tidy. I will certainly be using him for more jobs in the future.

- Michael Davies

My friend in work recommended I use Malumgra Electrical Services for my electrical works. I was not disappointed. Great price for equally great work! Cheers!

- Laura Ashworth

Could not fault this company. Great value for money and the process was simple and hassle free! Thanks Malumgra Electrical Services!

- Roy Whiteman

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Areas we cover : We offer our services to the whole of London and the surrounding areas. Not sure if this includes you? Get in touch and ask us, we're always happy to help.